You know how I said I wouldn’t be getting any new Computers this year?

About that…

Well, I’m the “proud owner” of an Acorn Archimedes 440 in a non working state. Looking forward trying to diagnose THAT one. This was an eBay auction. I didn’t expect to win. Imagine my surprise…

I also got two Atari STᴇ computers! Presumed working, but I haven’t had a chance to test them. (My workbench is covered in dead SE/30 at the moment). These were a gift from a friend who knew his parents were trying to give these to a good home. It included a 1MB STᴇ, a 4Mb STᴇ and a monitor. The monitor has a worrying rattle so I’ll need to investigate further before I turn that on.

The haul!
Mac in pieces. Since then I’ve also removed the Analog board and the PSU.





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