While I wait for orders to arrive

I’ve got various bits’n’pieces on their way from China, so I haven’t been quite as busy as I could have been. Not a lot of upgrades / repairs are in the pipeline anyway so I haven’t needed to fix stuff.

Having said that, my SE/30 needs to be broken down and the Digital board needs to be mailed to the Eastern States for a deep repair. I think some corrosion has crept under some of the chips. The Modem port is playing up and sound has stopped working. It’s just a matter of timing and $$$. I already know who I want to send it to…

I need to buy a hot air rework station so I can finish working on my Amiga 600, which is mostly decapped. Once that is done I’ll order some replacement caps and fix it up. I’ll also start getting it set up for a Hard Disk. I have a IDE to CF adapter ready to go, with several different cards to try.

I’ve been working on the PC 85 Microbee. I’m trying to upgrade it to the PC85B revision, but I still haven’t got it fully working. I do wonder if there’s still an issue with the socket that I replaced last time? I’ve also run out of 27128 ROMs, which is hilarious. I had so many.

4 dead. 1 unknown and 1 erasing in the UV eraser.

I upgraded my workshop PC with a ZIP Drive. Remember those? I ordered a SATA to IDE adapter as when I last looked at the motherboard, I could not locate an IDE header. I was installing everything when I moved the SCSI card in the system and discovered the IDE header underneath. But of course that was where it was.

Both of these work. Both of these are connected.

I built a curing container for curing models from my 3D resin printer. It’s made out of a bucket that I have lined with foil and UV LEDs. The process was complicated but the end result was excellent.
First up, I bonded foil to paper of an appropriate length. I got the length by wrapping the bucket in a piece if string to get a circumference. I then measured out the paper and foil to the same length as the piece of string. I bonded them together with workable fixative. The paper was Christmas wrapping. The foil was kitchen foil.
Once they were combined. I covered the inside of the bucket with more workable fixative. I cut out a disk of foil and glued it to the bottom of the bucket, then carefully glued the combined paper / foil to the sides of the bucket then trimmed it all down to fit. Once that was done, I attached a 5m strip of UV LEDs wrapped around the inside of the bucket. I soldered a 2.1mm jack to the end and drilled a hole in the side, then affixed it so I could plug in the power from the outside.

I’m happy with the outcome.

This is emitting so much UV, it’s completely saturating the picture.

Finally, my father lent me his original copy of Telengard. This was the first game I played on the C64, and I’ve also played it on the Apple II and the Atari 800. I figured it would be appropriate to play it on the Commodore PET.
This was complicated by the game being the second programme on that side of the tape, so I had to load the c64 version first 🙂
For future reference, I had to forward to 254 on the counter to load the PET version.

This took about 5 minutes to load. It felt like 5 hours.
You see this screen a lot in Telengard. I could do an entire post about Telengard tactics.

There’s a top secret computer coming sooner or later. Can’t wait to unveil it, but I won’t talk more until it’s in my hot sweaty hands 🙂





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