What next?

While I wait for a bit more financial liquidity before I purchase some more bits and pieces, I’ve been contemplating what to do next. I’m in a strange place where pretty much all my systems work, one way or another. The Wizzard may need a replacement controller, but that doesn’t mean the main unit doesn’t actually work. It works fine. The Amiga may need me to finally get off my butt and laser cut the case, but it works fine. The Archimedes? Works. The Mac? Works.

Most of my systems are even mostly upgraded. I mean, I still need a bit here and there and I need about 5 Gotek units so everything has an actual Floppy Disk Drive and that means $$$ so that is on hold for now.

My next immediate repair purchase will be in a few days I’ll send some money so that I can get a new PSU (And spare CRT Tube) for my SX 64. That will be a nice unit to have working again, especially as this one is in excellent condition externally.

I’ll probably build a set of paddles for the Atari 800. Unfortunately Atari and Commodore paddles are ever so slightly different, which means I’ll have two sets of paddles. That job is really an easy afternoon interlude, rather than a full blown project.

I want to build an ACSI2STM when I get a chance. I’ve laid out a PCB but it’ll need ordering AND testing. I’m cheating by cutting down a DB25 to DB19 to make it fit the Atari.

As for new systems, well I’m still keeping my eyes out for either a reissue or second hand Microbee at a reasonable price, but I’ve not located one yet. One can hope eternal. I have seen someone trying to flog off 3 for $1300 AUD in an untested state. That’s just a little too rich for my liking.





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