We’re gonna need a bigger boat


So after the teaser last week, I was really happy when a donor who wishes to remain anonymous (Thank you! You know who you are.) sent me across another system for my collection. This one is a real doozy!

Ain’t she purty?

This is a Commodore PET model 4032. The evolution of the very first “real” computer produced by Commodore, and a direct descendant of the PET 2001, the first announced Personal Computer and a member of the “Trinity“.

This model comes with a whopping 32K of RAM, a 40 column display and a full keyboard plus numeric display. It comes with both an internal AND external tape “datasette” port as well as IEE488 compatible drive connectors.

They don’t build them like this any more.

Speaking of that, it came with a 2031 Floppy Disk Drive as well! I don’t have the special cable to go from the Commodore to the FDD, so I might have to make one up somewhere down the track. Or buy one of these.

I have not yet powered this on, simply because there’s so much to do before I can turn it on.

That post to hold up the lid is integrated! “Under the bonnet, son!”
  • The board will need a thorough clean and all the chips reseated. It’s filthy in there.
  • The PSU will need investigating to make sure the transformer is fine, the diodes are OK and the capacitors are at least somewhat in spec.
  • No idea where to start with the CRT. I’ll do a visual inspection at least.
There’s a computer under there.

Other than that, it looks to be in excellent shape. I’m really looking forward to getting this baby going, if I can. While mostly targeted towards business apps, there’s still games being produced for them today.





2 responses to “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

  1. Greg Howell Avatar

    Ok, now this is all kinds of awesome. What a cool looking computer! Love the bonnet prop.

    1. ilike8bits Avatar

      It’s great, isn’t it? I’m still afraid to turn it on. I’m actually working on a second post for the day, so stay tuned :-D

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