TI 99/4a Speech Synthesiser Module

Thanks to an incredible offer from Noel from Noel’s Retro Lab, I have now got a Texas Instruments TI 99/4a Speech Synthesiser Module for my setup.

Look at this! It’s beautiful!

Now this simply plugs into the side of the TI 99/4A and any games and applications that support it can use it.

Now what can use it? Well, since TI wanted to sell the modules and put a lot of effort into it, so there is a large supported software library of titles.

So far I’ve played Parsec and Alpiner, both which were highly amusing.

I’ve also used Terminal Emulator II, which, oddly, extends the BASIC to include speech synthesis!

Yes, I wrote a quick program to ask “Would you like to play a game?”.

Can’t wait to work through the rest of the titles, and make it speak!






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