The final MicroBee is complete!

Thanks to uBee and Brad, I now have all the parts to finish off my 16k MicroBee.

It’s a beauty! Yes, it’s yellowed. Yes, there’s engravings in the top cover. Yes, the keys look like the teeth of a chain smoker, but that is exactly the type of character I like in my systems.

Some quick notes:

The screws holding the top case to the lower case turn out to be an exact match for a bunch I purchased in bulk from Jaycar a few years back. I think they were the part number HP0414, but I’ll check and post here later.

The “case badge” was designed up in CorelDraw and printed onto silver paper. I covered it with clear contact, cut it with a roller cutter for straight edges and then applied some workable fixative spray glue. This kind of pipeline (CorelDraw, Laser printer, Roller Cutter, Workable Fixative) has become my “go to” to make surprisingly realistic badges and labels for a whole heap of systems. They’ll never pass anything more than a passing inspection, but they do look better than nothing at all.






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