The Collection (As of 08/10/2020)

A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today.


8 Bit

  • Commodore Vic 20, with a smattering of cartridges.
  • Commodore 64c x 3. 2 working, one needs work. JiffyDOS, Floppy disks, Cartridge emulator, FDD emulator, Printers.
  • Commodore SX64, DEAD. Needs the PSU rebuilt.
  • Commodore 128D, Internal FDD is unreliable, otherwise works fine.
  • Sinclair Spectrum 48k, with adapter to allow mobile phone to replace tape drive. Works.
  • Apple IIeuroplus, with language card and FDD card. 2 x Disk ][. Works.
  • Apple II+ clone. No ROMs.
  • Apple IIe with 80 column card and 128Kb RAM, Serial Card and FDD card. Duodisk. Works.
  • Apple IIe clone. Works. No cards.
  • VTech Creativision. (Aka Dick Smith Wizzard). MultiCart. Works.
  • BBC Master system. Status unknown. Gotek Drive. PiTube CoPro. Selectable BIOS. Covid has trapped this in the UK.
  • Atari 800xl. Status unknown. SD-Max drive is work in progress. Covid has trapped this in the UK.

16/32 Bit

  • Apple IIgs. Duodisk FDD. Works.
  • Amiga 1200. Gotek Drive. Works. Needs a new case to be laser cut. Really need to get around to this.
  • Atari STfm. Gotek Drive. Works. I love this machine.
  • Apple Macintosh SE/30. Works, but needs some TLC. FDD not reliable. More RAM coming.


8 Bit

  • Nintendo Entertainment Center x 3. 1 works. 800 in 1 cart. Awaiting edge connectors for a second.

16 Bit

  • Sega Megadrive. MultiCart. Works.

32 Bit and later

  • Commodore CD32. Works.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 (phat) with HDD, Network adapter. Works.
  • Microsoft X-Box (original). 500GB HDD. Works.
  • Nintendo 64. MultiCart. Works.
  • Nintendo Wii. Works.
  • Microsoft XBox 360 x 2. Works.
  • Sony PlayStation 3. Works
  • Nintendo WiiU. Works.
  • Nintendo Switch. Works.


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