The Big Haul

So on the weekend, as part of a local organisation, I did some volunteer work. In return I got some old systems donated to me. And what a donation it was!

While none of this equipment is in what I would call a “working state”, it’s all fixable and it’s all super interesting.

First up there was this 6 switch light Atari 2600.

Not sure what to make of the SpectraVideo keyboard addons.

As you can see it came with a library of games. Unfortunately it didn’t come with any power supply, and it doesn’t appear to power on. It’s hard to tell with RF systems at the best of times.

The black one with the Cash Converters logo is simply labelled “Atari Game”

I’ll need to open it up, do some basic checking on all the usual things (Voltages, are we getting sane signals on the bus, that kind of thing) as this would be a classic to get working again.

Next up was not one, but two CreatiVision variants, with heaps of addons. One is a genuine CreatiVision, complete with plastic protecting the logo, and the second is a Hanimex Rameses, which is a lovely looking unit!

CreatiVision branded CreatiVision
Can you smell that 80s brown?

They came with 4 of the controllers I’ve been working on so much, a bunch of cartridges (Not so useful in this age of MultiCarts), a mostly complete “full” keyboard, a tape deck and a port expander. Awesome!

Unfortunately both were missing the power bricks. Oh well. I can always make one of those. I have not yet tested them.

After that was the TRS/80 – CoCo 2. This one has had all the custom chips removed, but I have located them and will get them back in a few weeks. This is a system I know nothing about. I look forward to getting acquainted with it more

I have cleaned it since I took the photo
Thankfully I know where all those missing chips are :-D

Finally was a Microbee 128k premium. I’d been wanting a premium from before I built my 128k disk system.

Also cleaned up since. I took off the Ca$h Converters sticker.

The unit, inside, looks spotless. It currently boots the the disk command prompt and no further. Another one for diagnosis. Plenty of things for me to look at with it :-)

All that space I cleared in my shelves the other week? Gone! Not that I’m complaining :-)

Finally there was a Sega MegaCD II to go with my Sega MegaDrive. Again, no power supply, and I haven’t even tried powering this one on.

For some reason, in among the Atari carts was an Expert Cartridge for the c64 and a pair of Atari 7800 controllers.





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  1. James Avatar

    You lucky Jammy B*stard. I h@te u! Congrats on that FREE haul BTW! (@sshole!!) Hahaha

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