Tag: woodworking

  • So I was quite unwell this week…

    So what did your kids get you for father’s day? Mine gave me a cold! I had two days off work, and to be perfectly honest, I probably should have taken at least one more day off as well. Despite being “Death warmed up”, a friend put me onto something that had been dropped into […]

  • Building the Desk

    So I have been on holidays for a few days, and my holiday project this break has been to build a desk for my study. Previously I used an old school table and a big chest full of LEGO. Neither of these were exactly comfortable or practical. Furthermore, a LOT of the desk was taken […]

  • While I wait for parts…

    So the bits and pieces I need to work on my next piece of retrocomputing are stuck on a (very) slow boat from China, I have been doing a lot less retro stuff recently. So for now, I have a plan to spend my upcoming holidays working on a new desk for my retro room. […]

  • Serial (A quick update)

    So I think I may have worked out what was going on with that serial cable. I think I had the pins in the fixture backwards. Oops! I bought a new Mini Din 8 today and soldered it up. Took a little longer than planned as I got to pin 3, looked down at my […]