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  • Fixing the VZ200, Cleaning the Battleship, TIPI/32k

    Fixing the VZ200, Cleaning the Battleship, TIPI/32k

    VZ200 Last time I posted, I mentioned that the VZ200 wasn’t quite right. It seemed logical to tackle it as my next packet of work. The system was sort of working, and after some mucking around I realised that some games were working. First some background here. The VZ200 has a very limited amount of…

  • Battling Entropy

    One of the things I have noticed is that Retro Computers can spontaneously stop working. These systems are often 30+ years old. Expecting them to still work beyond a presumable lifespan of 5 years is a bit much. Here are some system repairs I conducted recently. Apple IIgs Keyboard This one was interesting. They keyboard…

  • Had a lot of time

    In which the site owner is a bit lazy. So I haven’t died, and I haven’t stopped working on systems, but I have stopped posting. This will be the “bullet point edition” of all the things I’ve done. No idea what any of this means. So not dead, just quiet :-)

  • Hippo Gnu Ear

    Hippo Gnu Ear

    Well, it’s a new year and I’m still waiting on things I ordered in November :-D Firstly, you’ll most likely have noticed I moved to a new host. There are a few “goodies” I can get with the new host, including plugins, so I have moved. Last year featured a LOT of PCB design and…