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  • Recapping the VIC 20, plus bonus SVideo.

    I had a bit of spare time yesterday and I wanted to do something, anything to distract myself from all sorts of “stuff” going on at the moment. I figured I was well overdue to recap my VIC 20. The picture from it was pretty awful, so I was hoping it would fix it. Thankfully […]

  • The current Wish List

    Here’s a list of all the things I “want”.This does not include my two systems stuck overseas. Thanks Covid. The Immediate Future These are the things I’m actively searching for to buy as they become available. I’m not going to go silly on them. (I’m looking at you, $1,000 Microbee!) Amstrad CPC 6128 or 464: […]

  • Retrocomputing News (Repost)

    (Originally posted on LinkedIn Feb. 6th, 2020) Well, I continue to collect old computers and consoles. It’s a fun hobby and exercises skills I don’t get to use at work as much any more. The pleasure of starting with a beat up old system and getting it working properly is a real buzz, and lets […]

  • More retro goodness (Repost)

    (Originally posted on Dreamwidth Dec. 7th, 2018) Well, let’s see. I’m a LOT better at all this stuff. I have the A1200 booting, and more! It has: A proper LCD monitor that supports the wonky frequencies the Amiga uses (15KHz vertical refresh). An SD to HDD adapter, with an 8GB SD card in there pretending […]