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  • Converting a PAL TRS Colour Computer to NTSC

    Converting a PAL TRS Colour Computer to NTSC

    When I got my CoCoSDC, I was surprised how many of the games out there relied on NTSC Artefact colour to generate either some or all colours. It was close to 80%, and even higher in the more commercial games. After a while I decided I wanted an NTSC system. As I had 3 CoCos, […]

  • Total Joystick Madness

    Total Joystick Madness

    I have been busy 🙂 Now I have all the different computers working, it was time to get interfaces for them so they can fulfil their prime purpose. To wit: Video Games! Texas Instruments TI 99/4A I have a PCB design ready to go for this, but in the meantime, I decided to make a […]

  • Hippo Gnu Ear

    Hippo Gnu Ear

    Well, it’s a new year and I’m still waiting on things I ordered in November 😀 Firstly, you’ll most likely have noticed I moved to a new host. There are a few “goodies” I can get with the new host, including plugins, so I have moved. Last year featured a LOT of PCB design and […]

  • A Whole Lotta Nothing

    A Whole Lotta Nothing

    I’m not dead. Honest! It has, however, been a long time between posts. Unfortunately I haven’t been working on project work as much as I would have liked, and I spent a long time waiting for parts to arrive for projects. CreatiVision Controllers (AKA the Dick Smith Wizzard) The new PCBs arrived. It took me […]

  • Working on the Haul

    Working on the Haul

    Well, I have the “haul” of old computers, and I’ve been slowly working through them TRS-80 CoCo With the 4 I had, all were using RF, and I knew one worked and one definitely didn’t work. I started by doing an S-Video Mod on the first one I picked up. With 2020 hindsight, this was […]

  • The Long Haul

    The Long Haul

    So recently I managed to participate in an exciting retro-computing “thing” in the form of clearing and organising a seatainer full of old computers and peripherals. While most were not systems I was interested in (So many dead printers, for instance), there were some gems that I took home, as did my fellow participant. This […]

  • Fun with “Stuff”

    Fun with “Stuff”

    I do apologise that I haven’t been updating as much as I could. There’s been personal things going on in the background that have slowed my output down. Atari 2600 The replacement 6507 CPUs arrived and after hitting a dud, my second chip worked fine. This is why you always buy a couple. I did […]

  • The Big Haul

    The Big Haul

    So on the weekend, as part of a local organisation, I did some volunteer work. In return I got some old systems donated to me. And what a donation it was! While none of this equipment is in what I would call a “working state”, it’s all fixable and it’s all super interesting. First up […]