Tag: soldering

  • A quick post about wire stripping

    So not everyone knows this trick. I know many people do something similar. I had to work this out by myself so let’s share it around. There’s a neat trick when you strip wires that gives you much neater wires that are easier to route or solder. First you’ll need a pair of pliers style […]

  • Building the Desk

    So I have been on holidays for a few days, and my holiday project this break has been to build a desk for my study. Previously I used an old school table and a big chest full of LEGO. Neither of these were exactly comfortable or practical. Furthermore, a LOT of the desk was taken […]

  • A Quick Recap

    So in our last instalment, I had ordered some replacement caps. They have arrived so it was time for me to ReCap the Mac SE/30 (See what I did there?) Thankfully this was a LOT less effort than I was expecting. My strategy (which worked well) was one I first saw on “Mark Fixes Stuff“. […]