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  • What else have I been up to?

    What else have I been up to?

    So, other than converting my CoCo to NTSC, I have been working on a while bunch of smaller projects, before and after. GBS Control Case I decided to put the GBS Control in a “real” case. To that end, I literally photocopied the base of the GBS Control, imported the image into CorelDraw, and started […]

  • What Next?

    I’m in a contemplative mood today, and I’ve been thinking about my collection. Specifically I have been thinking about what I want to get next. Here are my thoughts. Computers At this point I am really not going out of my way to buy any more computers with two exceptions. If someone offers me a […]

  • The current Wish List

    Here’s a list of all the things I “want”.This does not include my two systems stuck overseas. Thanks Covid. The Immediate Future These are the things I’m actively searching for to buy as they become available. I’m not going to go silly on them. (I’m looking at you, $1,000 Microbee!) Amstrad CPC 6128 or 464: […]