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  • Expanding on removing corrosion caused by batteries.

    Recently in a Facebook chat, the question was asked: “How do I deal with battery acid damage so things don’t get worse?”. Having recently dealt with both the Quadra 950 and the Amiga 2000, I felt eminently qualified. Here is my answer This is my method. There are many like it but this is mine. […]

  • Fresh Victims for My Ever Growing Army of the Undead!

    So the kind collector who offered me my batch of Apple II computers (As discussed already here) contacted me after reading my post about what I’m hoping to collect (Hi Greg!) and offered me some more retro computers. Naturally I said “Yes!”. After a few days, and some discussion, I trundled my car over and […]

  • Fixing the NES

    So, for quite a while, I’ve wanted to get my Nintendo Entertainment System up and running. There are a lot of classic games for this system, and while emulation is now practically perfect, I still like the feel of original hardware. Besides, I now had three non working units. By far and away the most […]