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  • Fun with “Stuff”

    Fun with “Stuff”

    I do apologise that I haven’t been updating as much as I could. There’s been personal things going on in the background that have slowed my output down. Atari 2600 The replacement 6507 CPUs arrived and after hitting a dud, my second chip worked fine. This is why you always buy a couple. I did […]

  • What Next?

    I’m in a contemplative mood today, and I’ve been thinking about my collection. Specifically I have been thinking about what I want to get next. Here are my thoughts. Computers At this point I am really not going out of my way to buy any more computers with two exceptions. If someone offers me a […]

  • My goodness, it’s been a while!

    My goodness, it’s been a while!

    Hi Intarwubs. It’s been a while since my last post. Things have been very slowly proceeding, and then, like unplugging a cork, there has been a huge rush this long weekend. Updates on the last post So some quick updates on everything covered in the last post. Firstly the Microbee ROM switcher is working fine. […]

  • Stuff coming down the pipe

    So it’s been a while since I did anything major. I did do another spin (My third so far) at the laser cut Microbee case, which revealed I needed to refactor parts of it. I tried to make a fastening system so the upper half and the lower half could be screwed together, but I […]

  • Building a computer (Omega MSX)

    Building a computer (Omega MSX)

    One thing I’ve wanted to do for a very long time is to build a kit computer. Originally I planned to build a Spectrum 128k clone. I’ll probably still do that in the future, but as I had a Spectrum already, there was less pressure to get another speccy. I kept pushing it back. Then […]

  • Upgrades, Problems, Parts

    It’s been an exciting few weeks. Archimedes The Archimedes continues to confound me. I finally got a replacement 1772, plugged it in and… No change! At this point I have swapped out all the chips that feed the floppy disk. If you look at the schematics, I have socketed and tested IC29, IC30, IC38, IC […]