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  • New Pickups

    New Pickups

    Picked up two new items this fortnight. Commodore 1804S This is often considered the “holy grail” of Commodore monitors. It supports just about any signal you can throw at it, including composite, s-video and RGB. This one I found while at my local maker space, Artifactory, in the “Virtual Recycling” pile. It wasn’t quite “in” […]

  • A Whole Lotta Nothing

    A Whole Lotta Nothing

    I’m not dead. Honest! It has, however, been a long time between posts. Unfortunately I haven’t been working on project work as much as I would have liked, and I spent a long time waiting for parts to arrive for projects. CreatiVision Controllers (AKA the Dick Smith Wizzard) The new PCBs arrived. It took me […]

  • The Big Haul

    The Big Haul

    So on the weekend, as part of a local organisation, I did some volunteer work. In return I got some old systems donated to me. And what a donation it was! While none of this equipment is in what I would call a “working state”, it’s all fixable and it’s all super interesting. First up […]

  • Update on all the PCBs

    Update on all the PCBs

    So remember all those PCBs I ordered? Let’s break down what worked and what didn’t. What Worked So first up, both my ROM adapters worked without a problem. So we now have a Low Profile Amiga ROM switcher and a Low Profile Microbee ROM switcher. Both built around using turned pins to keep the profile […]

  • Assembling the Microbee MultiROM

    Assembling the Microbee MultiROM

    EDIT: Important Note! PLEASE READ FIRST! I made a mistake in my assembly pictures. I have assembled this board upside down! It works if you solder everything to the correct side. Don’t be an idiot like me! Solder so the credits face the underside of the PCB not the top. So I have finally got […]

  • Mutant Bee. Tac 2 Repair

    While I work on a special project, I’ve been paused on all but the most basic work. One project I did do (And had fun doing) was upgrading my Microbee Personal Communicator up to being a PC85b. This was literally just a swap of the top “core” board for the one I had left over […]

  • What Next?

    I’m in a contemplative mood today, and I’ve been thinking about my collection. Specifically I have been thinking about what I want to get next. Here are my thoughts. Computers At this point I am really not going out of my way to buy any more computers with two exceptions. If someone offers me a […]

  • Going for some doubleyous, boys.

    (Obligatory Letterkenney reference now complete) So it’s a long weekend, and thanks for some confluence of leave, for me it was a four day weekend. Such a nice thing occasionally. Friday I spent mostly working on general chores, but in the evening I thought I’d finally drag out a project to start looking at. Now […]

  • Life Gets in the Way

    Life Gets in the Way

    It’s been nearly a month without a post. While some things have happened in the meantime, not a lot of new developments have occurred. Microbee: First the bad news I was supposed to be bringing one of my Microbees to the Perth Amiga Users Group gathering, so of course, I chose the DRAM 128k with […]

  • My goodness, it’s been a while!

    My goodness, it’s been a while!

    Hi Intarwubs. It’s been a while since my last post. Things have been very slowly proceeding, and then, like unplugging a cork, there has been a huge rush this long weekend. Updates on the last post So some quick updates on everything covered in the last post. Firstly the Microbee ROM switcher is working fine. […]