I used ‘ResEdit’ in anger today…

So I was having an odd problem where I couldn’t install System 7.5.3 on my Mac SE/30, which was driving me a little loopy. I joined a 68K Mac forum and they helped me solve the problem in seconds. The problem is that I could no longer boot from System 7.5.3, which is the latestContinue reading “I used ‘ResEdit’ in anger today…”

What a difference a week makes

So on Monday night (after my last post no less) I was feeling enthusiastic, so I stripped down the Mac and gutted out the PSU. I then removed the switch. Let me tell you that it’s not as easy as I make it sound with such a simple statement. Firstly to get to the switchContinue reading “What a difference a week makes”

You know how I said I wouldn’t be getting any new Computers this year?

About that… Well, I’m the “proud owner” of an Acorn Archimedes 440 in a non working state. Looking forward trying to diagnose THAT one. This was an eBay auction. I didn’t expect to win. Imagine my surprise… I also got two Atari STᴇ computers! Presumed working, but I haven’t had a chance to test them.Continue reading “You know how I said I wouldn’t be getting any new Computers this year?”

Mac Woes, Creativision wins.

Macintosh SE/30 On Friday, another peripheral finally arrived, so I had hoped today’s post was going to be all about my experiences upgrading my Macintosh SE/30 into its final form. While I got a lot of upgrade done, unfortunately I hit a setback that will mean this system is out of action until I getContinue reading “Mac Woes, Creativision wins.”

I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral”

With a CPC 464 wending it’s way to me, and (hopefully) in the new year, my BBC Master and Atari 800xl arriving, I find myself in the strange position of having “enough” retro computers for now. No, I don’t have a TRS/80, a CoCo or a Ti 99/4a. I can live without for now. IContinue reading “I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral””

So you want to play Ultima II Macintosh…

This took me a while to work out, so here is how I managed to get Ultima II Mac running under Windows emulation. Get an image of Ultima II. Un stuff it. This is not as easy as it sounds. I needed to use BasiliskII under Linux to build a system 7.5 system, with UnstuffitContinue reading “So you want to play Ultima II Macintosh…”