Tag: Commodore PET

  • Upgrades, Problems, Parts

    It’s been an exciting few weeks. Archimedes The Archimedes continues to confound me. I finally got a replacement 1772, plugged it in and… No change! At this point I have swapped out all the chips that feed the floppy disk. If you look at the schematics, I have socketed and tested IC29, IC30, IC38, IC […]

  • While I wait for orders to arrive

    I’ve got various bits’n’pieces on their way from China, so I haven’t been quite as busy as I could have been. Not a lot of upgrades / repairs are in the pipeline anyway so I haven’t needed to fix stuff. Having said that, my SE/30 needs to be broken down and the Digital board needs […]

  • The PET Lives!

    Liiife! Give my creation…. LIIIIFE! So today my SRAM arrived, really well packaged and very promptly (So hats off to ScribblyGum Technology for that) and I thought, since I won’t be able to use my workbench for the next 3 days, I’d have a stab at replacing the SRAM tonight. It was a battle to […]

  • Of Bees and PETs

    Another quickish update on two of my systems. Microbee The Microbee is happily working now. I swapped out an underpowered PSU for a more “meaty” one and now it’s booting reliably and is able to load games off my nearby Android phone. I just use the built in Android playback app to playback WAV recordings […]

  • We’re gonna need a bigger boat

    So after the teaser last week, I was really happy when a donor who wishes to remain anonymous (Thank you! You know who you are.) sent me across another system for my collection. This one is a real doozy! This is a Commodore PET model 4032. The evolution of the very first “real” computer produced […]