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  • Bits ‘n Bobs

    Bits ‘n Bobs

    Wherein I potter for 2 weeks. Lots of little projects this time. I kept working on the BBC Micro. I made up one of my Microbee ROM switchers and installed it. I now have 16 different ROMs to choose from. I also made a “Atari to BBC” joystick adapter for all those games where I […]

  • BBC Micro – An Update

    As per the last post, my BBC Micro lived again, thanks to a replacement PSU. Unfortunately with more testing, it became obvious that it was unreliable. Some times it would boot to BASIC. Sometimes it would hang on a cursor prompt. Some times it would hang on an error about a Drive Fault and some […]

  • What else have I been up to?

    What else have I been up to?

    So, other than converting my CoCo to NTSC, I have been working on a while bunch of smaller projects, before and after. GBS Control Case I decided to put the GBS Control in a “real” case. To that end, I literally photocopied the base of the GBS Control, imported the image into CorelDraw, and started […]

  • The Long Haul

    The Long Haul

    So recently I managed to participate in an exciting retro-computing “thing” in the form of clearing and organising a seatainer full of old computers and peripherals. While most were not systems I was interested in (So many dead printers, for instance), there were some gems that I took home, as did my fellow participant. This […]