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  • Some new additions, some new repairs

    Some new additions, some new repairs

    While the last few weeks have been busy, they haven’t been that busy on a retro front. I realised I’d ordered the wrong Floppy Disk controllers for the Microbee and the MSX controller, so I had to order replacements. They’ll take quite some time to get here, but that’s OK. Due to some financial commitments […]

  • The Collection (As of 27/04/2021)

    A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today. Monitors 2 x SVideo capable flatscreen monitos. Both support Composite, VGA, Component and SVideo. I use these for a lot of my older 8 Bit systems. They’re generic off brand. ACER-V226HQL. These are capable of syncing right down to […]

  • Britvasion Part 2

    Now I had my machines up and running, it was time for me to explore a bit more. What lurks beneath the covers? Atari first look. I started with the Atari. I opened it up. There was a rusty RF shield with a hole cut into it and a board sticking through, covered in packing […]

  • Britvasion Part 1

    Many moons ago I hatched a cunning plan. As Blackadder would say, a plan so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox. I had friends from Perth who had moved to the UK. They would be coming back for Easter 2020. They’d be bringing BIG suitcases with them to […]

  • Sneak Preview

    But first, Fixing keyswitches!

  • I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral”

    With a CPC 464 wending it’s way to me, and (hopefully) in the new year, my BBC Master and Atari 800xl arriving, I find myself in the strange position of having “enough” retro computers for now. No, I don’t have a TRS/80, a CoCo or a Ti 99/4a. I can live without for now. I […]

  • The Collection (As of 08/10/2020)

    A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today. Computers 8 Bit Commodore Vic 20, with a smattering of cartridges. Commodore 64c x 3. 2 working, one needs work. JiffyDOS, Floppy disks, Cartridge emulator, FDD emulator, Printers. Commodore SX64, DEAD. Needs the PSU rebuilt. Commodore 128D, Internal FDD […]

  • Retrocomputing News (Repost)

    (Originally posted on LinkedIn Feb. 6th, 2020) Well, I continue to collect old computers and consoles. It’s a fun hobby and exercises skills I don’t get to use at work as much any more. The pleasure of starting with a beat up old system and getting it working properly is a real buzz, and lets […]

  • Quick retrocomputing update (Repost)

    (Originally posted on Dreamwidth Feb. 3rd, 2020) NES are still cranky.Apple ][ has RAM on it’s way. It’s on a slow plane from China. I found a small machine-code memory test I could type in but it’s a pain to have to type it in each time so I plan to swap out banks at […]