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  • Update on all the PCBs

    Update on all the PCBs

    So remember all those PCBs I ordered? Let’s break down what worked and what didn’t. What Worked So first up, both my ROM adapters worked without a problem. So we now have a Low Profile Amiga ROM switcher and a Low Profile Microbee ROM switcher. Both built around using turned pins to keep the profile […]

  • Not a lot of “Productivity”

    So despite starting several projects, I only got on successful project achieves this past week. Firstly, I received some ROMs to use with one of my Apple II clones, as it wasn’t received with them installed. Unfortunately the power supply has chosen now to fail so I’ll need to strip it and see what I […]

  • Deliveries

    I’ve put the Microbee away for a bit. I’ve done a lot of work on it, and it’s a LOT more stable. Not completely stable and I’m yet to work out why. (I’ve desoldered the connectors between the boards and completely replaced them. I’ve also replaced the ROM socket for the IC27, which was green […]

  • Quick Atari 800 paddle build

    So I survived running a convention, and wanted to ease back into doing some retro computing stuff. One of the projects that came up as a possibility was a pair of Atari Paddle controllers. I already have paddles for the C64, but they use different variable resistors, and so are incompatible. (As an aside, while […]

  • The Collection (As of 27/04/2021)

    A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today. Monitors 2 x SVideo capable flatscreen monitos. Both support Composite, VGA, Component and SVideo. I use these for a lot of my older 8 Bit systems. They’re generic off brand. ACER-V226HQL. These are capable of syncing right down to […]

  • Working on various systems with varying success

    Another “this and that” post. Atari 800 I finally got a replacement screen for my SDrive MAX, which has allowed me to actually use it reliably. It’s been great! It looks like, while the compatibility of the memory upgrade isn’t perfect, it’s good enough for many things. This has, however, allowed me to run the […]

  • Unbreaking things

    So having thoroughly broken both my Atari 800xl and my CreatiVision, I decided to spend some of my long weekend fixing them. Atari 800xl I started working on the Atari 800 first. This was actually several days work in the evenings as it got out of hand, as the Atari forums people got involved with […]

  • Stuff Falls Over

    So one of the “joys” of working on all this retro-tech is that you never know if it’s going to work when you turn it on. Two of my systems, despite previously working, have developed faults and will need repairs. Atari 800xl This machine has always had me very wary, as it has been hacked, […]

  • Plotting out the upgrades

    As 2021 is “the year of the peripheral” for me, I thought I’d put down my Month by Month plan for upgrades. January RAMIIgs (Apple IIgs, already fitted) February Z80 Card for Apple II (Apple IIe, second hand, on it’s way) March DDI 5 (Amstrad CPC 464. Sorry Greg!) April Nothing. I’ll be at SwanCon […]

  • Britvasion Part 2

    Now I had my machines up and running, it was time for me to explore a bit more. What lurks beneath the covers? Atari first look. I started with the Atari. I opened it up. There was a rusty RF shield with a hole cut into it and a board sticking through, covered in packing […]