Tag: Amiga 600

  • Another Productive Break

    So, having a week off, I decided to move on a few projects. While not completely successful, I did make some good breakthroughs. Leading up to the break, I started a repair on a huge old CRT TV, It’s not working… yet but I think I just need to check some things on the inside […]

  • Go. Go. Go. Gotek!

    In my last big order from a ubiquitous Chinese e-commerce site, I ordered FIVE Gotek drives, earmarked for a variety of systems, including my Amiga 1200 (when it gets built), my Amiga 600 and the Atari STᴱ. I had a cunning plan, and one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet recently was that I’ve […]

  • Upgrades, Problems, Parts

    It’s been an exciting few weeks. Archimedes The Archimedes continues to confound me. I finally got a replacement 1772, plugged it in and… No change! At this point I have swapped out all the chips that feed the floppy disk. If you look at the schematics, I have socketed and tested IC29, IC30, IC38, IC […]

  • Have I mentioned how much I like having a 3D Printer?

    One of the other things I picked up at the PAUG meet on Saturday was a ROM Switcher for my Amiga 600. This simply comes with a pair of small switches to choose between 4 different possible ROMs. (It’s currently set to switch between Kickstart 1.3, 3.1, 3.2 and DiagROM but I want to swap […]

  • Trying not to get discouraged

    So it’s been a frustrating week of stuff not getting fixed. The kind of week where the hobby feels more like a “job” than “something fun”. Firstly the Archimedes is still having problems with the floppy disk, despite me swapping out the 74HC574. I will need some time to put it on the bench and […]

  • So I was quite unwell this week…

    So what did your kids get you for father’s day? Mine gave me a cold! I had two days off work, and to be perfectly honest, I probably should have taken at least one more day off as well. Despite being “Death warmed up”, a friend put me onto something that had been dropped into […]

  • A Weekend Off

    I decided not to push things this weekend. I had some “job” related stuff this weekend so I wanted to take it easy. I still managed to get in some small project work. First project I worked on was I’m trying to set up a project to use an Arduino as a translator between Megadrive/Genesis […]

  • I traded a system

    So while I wait for RAM for the Acorn Electron, I thought I’d see if anyone wanted to trade for some of my “spare” systems. I had an extra Atari STᴇ that I had already upgraded to the maximum 4MB of RAM, so I posted on one of my forums if anyone had a spare […]