So you want to play Ultima II Macintosh…

This took me a while to work out, so here is how I managed to get Ultima II Mac running under Windows emulation.

  1. Get an image of Ultima II.
  2. Un stuff it. This is not as easy as it sounds. I needed to use BasiliskII under Linux to build a system 7.5 system, with Unstuffit running. I was then able to bring in the .sit file and uncompress it to a .dsk file
  3. Get PCE Mac and uncompress it locally.
  4. Copy your Ultima II image to your PCE Mac directory.
  5. Rename it to Ultima II.img from Ultima II.dsk
  6. Download these two files and save them in the PCE Mac directory/
  7. Run the batch file. Enjoy Ultima II.

This took a while and step 2 is a doozy. Sorry I can’t be more accurate with that one. I haven’t found any reliable way to unstuff .sit files of that vintage on modern Windows.





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