Rounding Out 2021

What a year!

To cap it off nicely I was visiting a fellow collector today. (Hi Greg!) I wanted to drop him off some Commodore 64 stuff for his collection and he had a nice surprise for me!

Not one, but two Mac Quadra 950s. Pretty much the “top” 68K Macintoshes available!


Banana to scale

These are truly massive full tower systems, so once I have on on it’s feet, it’ll be living under the desk, not on the shelf.

One, unfortunately, has battery damage, so tomorrow I’ll be neutralising that with the same Vinegar -> Distilled Water -> Isopropanol treatment that I did to the Amiga 2000.

I’m extremely hopeful I’ll be able to get one good one out of the pair.

†The 840av has a slightly faster 68040 in it but only can take half as much RAM. It is also not as expandable.

EDIT: I just realised I got fourteen new computers in 2021. So much for “no new systems” 😀
That’s more than half my collection arrived this year. Amazing! So much generosity from so many people!






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