RetroComputing adventures (Repost)

(Originally posted on Dreamwidth Jan. 8th, 2020)

Oh Hey! It’s been a while.
Just a quick update.
Both my NES are now dead. Doesn’t seem to be the edge connector, although I’ll be buying a new one of those to make sure. I figure I should be able to get one or both working once I have a day to work on them.
I now have a MegaDrive. Still haven’t worked out how to get any decent video out of it. It shouldn’t be this hard! It supports RGB out of the box. I may have to bite the bullet and get an OSSC and a decent SCART lead for it. That does feel like a path that leads only to darkness.
I have an XBox 360. Not a bad bit of kit. Games are cheap.
I have upgraded my PlayStation2 to being a “Phat” and have added in a HDD and a network card. It needs some TLC but is nearly ready to redeploy.
One of the C64s has failed but in good news I’ve located a source of replacement power switches.
I’ve also purchased an Atari 1040STfm. It’s got a Gotek drive in it, so I’ve purchased the “upgrade” components so I can convert it to use a small screen and a rotary dial. They’re on their way.
Finally I have an Apple II europlus. Cranky computer! I’ve done a fair amount of work on it. It works some of the time but not all of the time. It’s quite feature complete, but I’m battling to get the reliability up to the point where I can start actually doing things with it, like, booting off a floppy disk. Unlike most of my systems that support some sort of diagnostics card / board / ROM, this model doesn’t seem to have any of that. I’ll keep working on it. Tempted to trade it up for a later model with better inbuilt stability.





  1. ilike8bits Avatar

    Eventually I got an Apple IIe as well.

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