Quick Updates

I have one of the Microbees booting, having made a quick cable to supply power and video. In the end, I needed to reseat the top board and remove the corroded battery, and that was it!

It LIVES! Later I put the cover back on.

Back on the 11th,I bumped my Atari STᴱ, it slid off the shelf and fell less than half its own length. Unfortunately the old brittle plastic has taken on the same material characteristics of enemy cars in the Fast and Furious movies, and promptly exploded! Seriously! it went into DOZENS of bits. I was still finding bits today.

Both upper and lower shell shattered.
This wasn’t even all the shards. I found a big chunk days later, and there were small enough pieces I didn’t even try to pick them up.
These just sheared right off.
This split as well.

I’ve patched it all up with plastic glue but this is no longer a “Pristine” system, alas.

I also have another system theoretically coming this week. I’ll post when / if I get it. I have learned to never trust I’ll get something until it arrives.





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