Quick retrocomputing update (Repost)

(Originally posted on Dreamwidth Feb. 3rd, 2020)

NES are still cranky.
Apple ][ has RAM on it’s way. It’s on a slow plane from China. I found a small machine-code memory test I could type in but it’s a pain to have to type it in each time so I plan to swap out banks at a time and isolate that way.
I made a ST to VGA cable and it works an absolute treat! So pretty!
I have ordered a BBC Master (the big brother of the BBC Micro), which gives me only two of the major 8 bit families to collect: The Amstrad CPC family and the Atari 800 family.

A boy can dream… 🙂





  1. ilike8bits Avatar

    The Beeb is still stuck in the UK.

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