Posting will slow for a while

So I’ve gone back to work after an extended holiday, so output is likely to slow for a bit.

However, I’m still doing retro “stuff” so I thought I’d share some of it.

One of the coolest projects I completed on the weekend was building an MT32Pi Hat. This consists of a Raspberry Pi running a “Bare Metal” emulator to run emulation of both the Roland MT-32 (Thus the name) and a SoundFont compatible synthesiser. The MT-32 was a very popular early MIDI module, with a lot of support on a huge range of platforms, from MS DOS systems, Atari ST, Amiga and even Apple II.

So far it’s been fun playing with it. I only have the single computer capable of playing MIDI files currently but that has kept me amused. I’m working on getting MIDI out working on others.

Why yes, that IS held in to the bog standard Pi Case with Electrical tape. Why do you ask?

I’ve also been doing more work on the case for the Microbee. I need to do at least one more MDF prototype before I go for the “main” Acrylic cut, but she’s getting there!

The older prototype case is at the back.

I have also started cutting MDF for the Amiga case I have been planning for at least 4 years. This is being slowed down by a general shortage of MDF available right now.

I call this “using all of the buffalo”.

I have printed a backplate for my Dick Smith Wizzard, from a design from Mr Lurch.

I think the pitting comes from not letting the resin settle before printing.

Finally, an interesting box arrived today. Oooh! What could it be?





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