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Hi Intarwubs, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m not dead, I just don’t have much exciting news. I do have some projects that are “in progress” but nothing finished.


I’ve been working on a GBS Control install, but it’s not working quite right yet. I am yet to determine why. I need to do some more diagnostics before I work out what’s wrong with it. The EPS32 is responding fine, and seems to be controlling the GBS 8200 OK, I’m just not getting any scaling. Not yet sure why.

More work to do there.

I have been also working on a “Secret” project for the Creativision. Unfortunately I made a mistake on my first PCB and before I order a replacement PCB, I want to make sure there are no bugs in my schematic. I’ve bodged around the mistake but the design doesn’t seem to be working still, so I’m working with my collaborator on that one.


No new systems for a while. A friend (Hi Greg!) has offered to help get me a Macintosh SE/30 so I’m super grateful for that. That’ll be a fun system!

I’ve also been working with the people looking after my UK systems and hopefully I can get those sent over eventually, especially as I don’t see travel restrictions being lifted any time soon.

I probably should order my “Christmas Present” sooner rather than later. That way I’ll have it by some time around Christmas. 😀


I have been playing some games. A certain cartridge I ordered for the N64 has arrived so I have been playing quite a bit of N64 gaming. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still an excellent game.





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