Plotting out the upgrades

As 2021 is “the year of the peripheral” for me, I thought I’d put down my Month by Month plan for upgrades.

JanuaryRAMIIgs (Apple IIgs, already fitted)
FebruaryZ80 Card for Apple II (Apple IIe, second hand, on it’s way)
MarchDDI 5 (Amstrad CPC 464. Sorry Greg!)
AprilNothing. I’ll be at SwanCon so will save for that
MaySCSI2SD (Mac Se/30. I’ll also add a cable to route it outside the case)
JuneAVGCart (Atari 800xl)
JulydivMMC Future (ZX Spectrum, a system that needs more love here)
AugI’ll probably make the case for the Amiga 1200
SeptMockingboard (Apple IIe)
OctSome sort of Amiga Accelerator? If I can find one…
NovHarlequin 128 (So it arrives for Christmas)
DecChristmas! Save my $$$

Why no upgrades for the BBC Master? Because it’s pretty much fully upgraded. Atari STfm? These are notoriously difficult to upgrade. Commodore 64? Fully upgraded. CreatVision? Urgh, it’s playing up again.





5 responses to “Plotting out the upgrades”

  1. Greg Howell Avatar

    I’m amazed that so many of these platforms have upgrades and enhancements under current development.

    1. ilike8bits Avatar

      It’s incredible. New stuff is turning up all the time, as well as replacements for failed components. I’m always amused that you can use a peripheral with thousands of times the RAM and CPU performance to support a computer from the 1980s.
      Case in point is all the WiFi modems out there based on the ESP32 chipset. That’s a 32 bit dual core processor running at 160MHz, with half a meg of SRAM. That’s more cpu power than Amigas and Motorola based Macs had!

    1. ilike8bits Avatar

      So, if I’m ready to order one, what’s the “best” way? I’m in Australia.

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