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  • The Long Haul

    The Long Haul

    So recently I managed to participate in an exciting retro-computing “thing” in the form of clearing and organising a seatainer full of old computers and peripherals. While most were not systems I was interested in (So many dead printers, for instance), there were some gems that I took home, as did my fellow participant. This […]

  • Argh!

    So far, I have broken / failed to fix: Some days this hobby can be a bit depressing…

  • Fun with “Stuff”

    Fun with “Stuff”

    I do apologise that I haven’t been updating as much as I could. There’s been personal things going on in the background that have slowed my output down. Atari 2600 The replacement 6507 CPUs arrived and after hitting a dud, my second chip worked fine. This is why you always buy a couple. I did […]

  • Quick Update on Multiple Projects

    I’ll try and keep this informal this time 🙂 The Atari 2600 seems to have a bad 6507 CPU. The voltage drops to zero when it’s inserted. I have a replacement on its way Of the CreatiVisons, I managed to get one to boot fine and one just gives black screens. The tape drive works. […]

  • The Big Haul

    The Big Haul

    So on the weekend, as part of a local organisation, I did some volunteer work. In return I got some old systems donated to me. And what a donation it was! While none of this equipment is in what I would call a “working state”, it’s all fixable and it’s all super interesting. First up […]

  • Update on all the PCBs

    Update on all the PCBs

    So remember all those PCBs I ordered? Let’s break down what worked and what didn’t. What Worked So first up, both my ROM adapters worked without a problem. So we now have a Low Profile Amiga ROM switcher and a Low Profile Microbee ROM switcher. Both built around using turned pins to keep the profile […]

  • Assembling the Microbee MultiROM

    Assembling the Microbee MultiROM

    EDIT: Important Note! PLEASE READ FIRST! I made a mistake in my assembly pictures. I have assembled this board upside down! It works if you solder everything to the correct side. Don’t be an idiot like me! Solder so the credits face the underside of the PCB not the top. So I have finally got […]

  • Not a Soldering Iron in Sight

    Not a Soldering Iron in Sight

    Updates Starting with an update on existing projects, I have the Amiga MIDI project working. I’d accidently crossed the input and output lines on the MAX2323 chip. A quick bodle later and it was working. It’s now corrected in the master PCB. I also have permission from Grzegorz Kraszewski to release my version. That was […]

  • Another Productive Break

    So, having a week off, I decided to move on a few projects. While not completely successful, I did make some good breakthroughs. Leading up to the break, I started a repair on a huge old CRT TV, It’s not working… yet but I think I just need to check some things on the inside […]

  • Not much going on…

    Mostly I have been working on building a Retro Chip Tester so I can start diagnosing things faster with the Amigas. This is actually for the Artifactory, but I plan to use it for a bit before I drop it off to them. If nothing else, I want to get through the backlog of 4116 […]

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