Non Electronic Hackery

My wife had some lovely boxed files that she had left over from a previous business she had run. I use one to hold all my resistors, but I wanted to use the other one to hold my documentation.

Only problem was it was a three ring binder and I didn’t have a three ring paper punch.

For a while I persevered with a single hole punch but it was taking a long time to punch each piece of paper so I decided I needed a proper punch.

Researching, I couldn’t get an official 3 rin paper punch for much less than $80AUD (About $50USD) which seemed excessive for only one more hole per piece of paper.

My solution?

I bought 2 cheap 2 hole punches and cut them in half. I then bolted them to a piece of wood with a piece of aluminium linking the handles together.

Eh’ it’s not perfect, but it’ll do 5 pieces of paper at once. I was able to process all my remaining paper in one afternoon.

There’s holes drilled through the wood so the punch confetti just falls through to the desk. No biggie.

Total cost was $12 for the punches. Everything else was from the scraps bin.






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