More Archimedes work

The purple is nail polish to protect traces I have cleaned. The green stuff around the RAM is… not good.

So I have been mostly busy getting ready for SwanCon, but I have managed to squeeze some Archimedes work in.

Firstly I attended a meetup of the local Amiga Users Group, which was awesome fun, and while there talked to a couple of other Archimedes collectors.

One individual, Steve, offered for me to drop over and we could work on it together. He lived close by so it was very convenient. (I also admired his extensive collection of retro computers, as well as his Ian Gibson artwork)

Pretty quickly we were able to determine that while it was booting, and getting past POST, it wasn’t as simple as “pressing DEL on the keyboard” alas.

Current working theory is that there’s a dead trace on the board around the RAM somewhere. I’ll have to bust open the logic probe and start tracing around the area to see if I can see what is dead. If it’s a RAM chip, I have replacements on the way. Alternatively it may be the CMOS, and I have spares of that coming too.

One good thing was that Steve and I were able to test my home made Keyboard connector with one of his Archimedes and it works fine. As I track down issues, I know I can, at least, rely on my keyboard and mouse.

Thanks Steve, for all your help!





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