I used ‘ResEdit’ in anger today…

So I was having an odd problem where I couldn’t install System 7.5.3 on my Mac SE/30, which was driving me a little loopy. I joined a 68K Mac forum and they helped me solve the problem in seconds.

The problem is that I could no longer boot from System 7.5.3, which is the latest version of the software I wanted to actually run. I tried a HDD boot and a FDD boot. Both would lock the Mac hard and require a hardware reboot.

After MUCH fluffing around I asked on the forum where I was immediately redirected to this page. After a few seconds with ResEdit, I had a booting System 7.5.3 install. Yay!

Now to install System 6 and 7.1 followed by Dark Castle.






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  1. Greg Howell Avatar

    Excellent news! Glad it was easily sorted.

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