I traded a system

Three guesses what this is from?

So while I wait for RAM for the Acorn Electron, I thought I’d see if anyone wanted to trade for some of my “spare” systems. I had an extra Atari STᴇ that I had already upgraded to the maximum 4MB of RAM, so I posted on one of my forums if anyone had a spare Amiga they wanted to swap for it.

One of the forum-goers was amenable and offered to swap an Amiga 600 for it. I readily agreed. A day later we had arranged the swap and I now own an Amiga 600.

I like this system for many reasons. Firstly, it’s pretty close to a “perfect” OCS/ECS Amiga, which gives it plenty of compatibility. Secondly, it’s VERY compact. While not having a numeric keypad can be seen as a limitation, the A600 is short enough to fit away where longer systems like the A500 couldn’t. (I’m currently working out if I can build some custom shelving for the longer systems like the 464 or the other STs). Finally, it’s quite a versatile system, capable of taking a HDD, extra “chip” RAM and even PCMCIA devices. Maybe I’ll finally test out that network card I have. 🙂

At the moment, it boots and waits for a disk that I can’t give it. I tried installing a hard disk, but had problems finding one small enough to actually work, without having to upgrade the Kickstart in it. While, down the track I am contemplating a Kickstart Switcher, I don’t have one right now. (I’m contemplating using a 27C160 EPROM, which is FOUR times the size of the normal ROM, and then putting on 3 different Kickstart images, plus a Diagnostics ROM all on the single chip)

Shortly after this, the RCD tripped.

I’ve ordered an adapter to allow me to install a Compact Flash card in instead of the HDD, and I have a suitably sized CF Card I can use.

I’ll replace the Floppy with a Gotek as soon as I order some more. That’ll have to wait for the tax return as that will involve ordering 5 drives, 5 OLEDs, 5 rotary encoders and 7 ultra small form factor USB sticks. That’s a big whack to get in one go.

I have also swapped out most of the yellowed keys for less yellowed keys, as the kind swapper had almost a full set of spare keys. I will, however, need to fake up a stabilising bar out of something suitable as none came with it.

This is an amalgam of a US Keyboard and a UK Keyboard. I’ll live.

Finally, while it supplies good voltages, the PSU currently trips the RCD occasionally, so I’ll want to replace that too. I plan to upgrade it with a MeanWell in the next few months.

I tested the voltages before I used the PSU. The cables and shell are good, and a nice Meanwell Switchmode only will set me back $50.

Oh and there’s potentially a very exciting system coming in the next few weeks. If it arrives I will be extremely happy.






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