I did a thing! (Mac SCSI)

It ain’t pretty but it works.

So now I have my Mac SE/30 all nice and stable and set up the way I wanted it set up, I decided it was time to play around with something I built a fair while ago.

Quite some time ago, ty tech patron (Hi Greg!), who has gifted me so much stuff over the years, also gave me a SCSI CD ROM to use. This was a bare drive, but I wanted to see if I could get it working.

To this end I ordered some Centronics 50 way connectors, some 50 way ribbon cable and some 50 way IDC connectors. I also dug out an old Dell SFF PC that my housemate had picked up from a throwout somewhere along the way.

I ripped out everything except the power supply from the case, and wired in a toggle switch. Using some leftover knockoff Meccano bits, (I have had far more fun from it than the kids ever did) I mounted the switch where the on / off button used to be.

I crimped on a Centronics connector and two IDC connectors on to the ribbon, making sure that all the pin ones lined up on the red pin. (Yes I have made a mistake in the past. Why do you ask?)

I then “mounted” the Centronics connector into a card slot spot at the back with whatever I had lying around. Close enough that it doesn’t fall out ๐Ÿ™‚

I set the CD-ROM up to be terminated, and on SCSI ID 4 (Where it should be anyway). It was then mounted in the Optic Drive spot in the case. After that it was a simple case of connecting the cable to the drive, the power to the drive and powering it on…
The drive ejected. The drive inserted. Ummm…

This was about the point the Mac PSU switch started arcing so that went on the back burner for quite some time. Then I hit some problems with System 7.5.3. But now the system is super stable, so I plugged it in and…. realised I didn’t have a single Mac CD ROM.

To the burner, Batman!

I burned a copy of OS 7.5.3 (Because I had it on hand) and it showed up! W00t! I have a CD ROM! 1991 me is envious as all get out.

Long term I plan to paint the whole case beige. That way it’ll match the Mac ๐Ÿ™‚






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  1. Greg Howell Avatar

    Nice work! Glad it is working ๐Ÿ™‚

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