I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral”

With a CPC 464 wending it’s way to me, and (hopefully) in the new year, my BBC Master and Atari 800xl arriving, I find myself in the strange position of having “enough” retro computers for now. No, I don’t have a TRS/80, a CoCo or a Ti 99/4a. I can live without for now. I don’t have a Microbee. I can wait for the next batch of Microbee remakes to come through.

While I wouldn’t reject any more computers, I’m not going to go hunting for them. (I’ve contemplated selling some of my current systems, to be honest. I don’t need 4 Commodore 64s. I don’t need 5 Apple IIs.)

Instead, the time has come to start improving the ones I have.

Amiga 1200

  1. The Amiga needs a case. I have a case design, ready to laser cut. I just need to, y’know, actually laser cut said case.
  2. It also needs more RAM. It only has the base 2MB Chip RAM.
  3. It probably could benefit from an accelerator. This would most likely solve 2. above.

Macintosh SE/30

  1. The Macintosh needs more HDD space. 20MB (Yes, Megabytes) is not enough, especially as it has 20MB of RAM. If I can get a bigger HDD, I can have multiple versions of System, which will give me much more flexibility. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck with drives. I’ve had several duds so far. This would meet my needs.
  2. I need to get the SCSI CD-Rom Working. I suspect my current issue is the version of System I have doesn’t have the CD Extensions. More investigation needed here. (I have a SCSI CD-Rom thanks to Greg, who has been so very helpful!)

Apple IIs
I’m starting to build up some nice setup with the Apple II systems, but with 5 different systems, there’s always peripherals needed

  1. I’d like to get more RAM for the IIgs. 8MB modules are quote affordable and would open up a lot more options for IIgs gaming.
  2. Once I have that, I can justify some permanent local storage for the IIgs.
  3. I’d like to enhance my IIe to a //e.
  4. I’d also like a soundcard. I like the idea of a kitform version.
  5. A CP/M card would be good. Not sure I want to pay quite that much for it but still…

BBC Master System
This system should be OK.

  1. I’ve already ordered the Raspberry Pi CoPro board.
  2. And the “backwards compatibility” ROMs.
  3. And the “Disk on a SD“.
  4. And a Gotek.

Also OK. I have more peripherals than I have space.

  1. I have a Pi1541.
  2. And a 1541 Ultimate II+.
  3. Plus a good joystick.

Atari ST
Nothing needed here. It’s pretty self contained.

Atari 800xl

  1. I want to build an SDrive Max. I have the parts already accumulated.
  2. A cartridge emulator would be good. Not in a rush though.

VIC 20
Not high on my list of systems to get peripherals for.

  1. Maybe a Penultimate Cartridge?
  2. Maybe a Final Expansion if I can still get one?

CPC 464
Steady on! It’s untested! If it turns on I’ll start looking at peripherals.

  1. I’d probably start with a Dandanator. This can also be used as a diagnostics cartridge, which is useful.
  2. I’ll follow that up with a DDI5. Then I can get games and the like into the system without too much effort.

You’re kidding, right?

Commodore 128D
I’m working on a Diagnostics ROM for it. My first one didn’t work.


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