I’ve put the Microbee away for a bit. I’ve done a lot of work on it, and it’s a LOT more stable. Not completely stable and I’m yet to work out why.

(I’ve desoldered the connectors between the boards and completely replaced them. I’ve also replaced the ROM socket for the IC27, which was green and corroded)

In the meantime, I have had a delivery!

May be an image of indoor

These two are the AVeraGe CART (AKA the AVG CART) which is a simply wonderful invention that extends the number of games I can play on my Atari 800 by a VAST number, and an IDE adapter (Complete with a teeny tiny IDE “Disk on Chip” HDD) for my Archimedes.

The first of these allows me to do something special. I can run Bad Apple on my Atari 800. This is a very special feeling.

The second of these adds a full blown hard drive to my Acorn Archimedes. This turns the system into a much more convenient environment for playing with that system. It also confirms that the problem I was seeing with the MIDI card was the MIDI card, not the Podule backplane, which is a huge relief.





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