Building the Desk

So I have been on holidays for a few days, and my holiday project this break has been to build a desk for my study. Previously I used an old school table and a big chest full of LEGO. Neither of these were exactly comfortable or practical. Furthermore, a LOT of the desk was takenContinue reading “Building the Desk”

Cleaning my ADB Keyboard

I’m still waiting on bits-n-pieces for my Macintosh and my Apple IIs. That hasn’t stopped me doing minor works. The other day, for instance, I finally got around to cleaning my ADB keyboard. This keyboard is used with both my Apple IIgs and my Mac SE/30 and it was filthy. Time for a quick cleanContinue reading “Cleaning my ADB Keyboard”

The Battle (Part 2)

The battle against the SE/30 continues… So since Part 1, I have made progress, mostly forward, some backwards. Digging for “Gold” First up, I went looking for some “easy” upgrades. Specifically I remembered I had an old SPARCStation IPC I wasn’t currently using in a cupboard. I grabbed it out, hoping to “pillage” the SCSIContinue reading “The Battle (Part 2)”

Very Quick Post on a Very Quick Modification

So today I had a bit of time and a pile of parts. As a result I made up a very simple adapter for the Apple IIgs allowing me to connect the D15 RGB connector to a VGA monitor. It’s a pretty easy job. A straight “connect green to green” affair. So of course IContinue reading “Very Quick Post on a Very Quick Modification”

The Collection (As of 08/10/2020)

A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today. Computers 8 Bit Commodore Vic 20, with a smattering of cartridges. Commodore 64c x 3. 2 working, one needs work. JiffyDOS, Floppy disks, Cartridge emulator, FDD emulator, Printers. Commodore SX64, DEAD. Needs the PSU rebuilt. Commodore 128D, Internal FDDContinue reading “The Collection (As of 08/10/2020)”

Introducing the Open Source MultiCart for the CreatiVision System

Hey all, This is a project I’ve been working on for a while and today I’m pleased to announce the release of our open Source MultiCart system. Clockmeister kindly gave me all the information from his cart, and gave me permission to release this as Open Source. We both also want to acknowledge and thankContinue reading “Introducing the Open Source MultiCart for the CreatiVision System”