Someone requested video footage of “The Lyte” in action.

I recently got this one fixed up after a long period where I wasn’t confident enough to fix it. Music – Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink:… License: (Thanks Kevin, you’re a life saver!)

A quick post about wire stripping

So not everyone knows this trick. I know many people do something similar. I had to work this out by myself so let’s share it around. There’s a neat trick when you strip wires that gives you much neater wires that are easier to route or solder. First you’ll need a pair of pliers styleContinue reading “A quick post about wire stripping”

Holiday Retro Works

So I had some time off over the Christmas / New Year period, and planned ahead to have enough parts to work on a project or two. CGA Converter for Commodore C128 First up, I’d read about a CGA to VGA adapter, designed to work with Commodore 128 systems. It was a relatively simple design,Continue reading “Holiday Retro Works”

I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral”

With a CPC 464 wending it’s way to me, and (hopefully) in the new year, my BBC Master and Atari 800xl arriving, I find myself in the strange position of having “enough” retro computers for now. No, I don’t have a TRS/80, a CoCo or a Ti 99/4a. I can live without for now. IContinue reading “I declare 2021 the “Year of the Peripheral””

So you want to play Ultima II Macintosh…

This took me a while to work out, so here is how I managed to get Ultima II Mac running under Windows emulation. Get an image of Ultima II. Un stuff it. This is not as easy as it sounds. I needed to use BasiliskII under Linux to build a system 7.5 system, with UnstuffitContinue reading “So you want to play Ultima II Macintosh…”