Plotting out the upgrades

As 2021 is “the year of the peripheral” for me, I thought I’d put down my Month by Month plan for upgrades. January RAMIIgs (Apple IIgs, already fitted) February Z80 Card for Apple II (Apple IIe, second hand, on it’s way) March DDI 5 (Amstrad CPC 464. Sorry Greg!) April Nothing. I’ll be at SwanConContinue reading “Plotting out the upgrades”

Upgrading The Apple IIgs

As the IIgs has become my primary system for experiencing Apple II software, I’ve installed a few upgrades for “quality of life” improvements The first of these is a Booti card. This emulates a Apple II HDD. It’s a rather nifty device that allows me to run hard disk “images” directly from a USB drive.Continue reading “Upgrading The Apple IIgs”

Fixing SMK J-M0404 Keyswitches

I got chatting with someone on one of the Discord channels I haunt as to whether one of my clone Apple IIs would be for sale, specifically the Apple IIe clone. I refer to this one as my “Orange” as rather than apple keys, it has much more “orange” looking keys As part of myContinue reading “Fixing SMK J-M0404 Keyswitches”

Someone requested video footage of “The Lyte” in action.

I recently got this one fixed up after a long period where I wasn’t confident enough to fix it. Music – Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink:… License: (Thanks Kevin, you’re a life saver!)

A quick post about wire stripping

So not everyone knows this trick. I know many people do something similar. I had to work this out by myself so let’s share it around. There’s a neat trick when you strip wires that gives you much neater wires that are easier to route or solder. First you’ll need a pair of pliers styleContinue reading “A quick post about wire stripping”