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  • Introducing the Open Source MultiCart for the CreatiVision System

    Hey all, This is a project I’ve been working on for a while and today I’m pleased to announce the release of our open Source MultiCart system. Clockmeister kindly gave me all the information from his cart, and gave me permission to release this as Open Source. We both also want to acknowledge and thank […]

  • A Quick Recap

    So in our last instalment, I had ordered some replacement caps. They have arrived so it was time for me to ReCap the Mac SE/30 (See what I did there?) Thankfully this was a LOT less effort than I was expecting. My strategy (which worked well) was one I first saw on “Mark Fixes Stuff“. […]

  • Fresh Victims for My Ever Growing Army of the Undead!

    So the kind collector who offered me my batch of Apple II computers (As discussed already here) contacted me after reading my post about what I’m hoping to collect (Hi Greg!) and offered me some more retro computers. Naturally I said “Yes!”. After a few days, and some discussion, I trundled my car over and […]

  • Why Reversible Mods are Good Mods

    Recently I modded my Creativision to add composite video and audio. While I thought I had succeeded, after a while I noticed glitching and visual artefacts. By making my mod easily reversible, I was able to unsolder the added leads, reconnect the disconnected power lead to the RF Modulator, and it worked fine. I will […]

  • Creativision Works

    So I have been working a lot on my Creativision, AKA the “Dick Smith Wizzard” (Or as my kids so rudely like to call it, Dad’s ‘Dick Wizzard’. Mutter mutter. Kids of today.) Considering this project started out a very long time ago as an attempt to resolve a longstanding MAME Testers bug, which has […]

  • Plugging away at some things

    Hi Intarwubs, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not dead, I just don’t have much exciting news. I do have some projects that are “in progress” but nothing finished. Projects I’ve been working on a GBS Control install, but it’s not working quite right yet. I am yet to determine why. I need to […]

  • Fixing the NES

    So, for quite a while, I’ve wanted to get my Nintendo Entertainment System up and running. There are a lot of classic games for this system, and while emulation is now practically perfect, I still like the feel of original hardware. Besides, I now had three non working units. By far and away the most […]

  • The current Wish List

    Here’s a list of all the things I “want”.This does not include my two systems stuck overseas. Thanks Covid. The Immediate Future These are the things I’m actively searching for to buy as they become available. I’m not going to go silly on them. (I’m looking at you, $1,000 Microbee!) Amstrad CPC 6128 or 464: […]

  • Apple Addendum

    Just a quick note that a very helpful fellow on the Apple IIoz mailing list pointed out that there are two variable resistors on the top of the PAL card that can be adjusted to tweak the video output. (Honestly, I mistook them for Foil Film Capacitors as they were blue blocks on the top […]

  • A light interlude of Yak Shaving

    So here I am again, and yes, it’s been a while since I had any real progress with any retro projects. I’ve been working on the Commodore C128D and it now reads disks, which is good, but it doesn’t read them reliably, which is bad. I also don’t currently trust the unit, as some C128 […]