Carpet Hacking

I love my wife. She has a background in ICT too, and thus she “gets” things.

We have a small Home Theatre PC in the front room, and during the recent “Plague Events”, I plugged in a webcam and stuck it on top of our Telly in there. This is absolutely brilliant for video-conferencing with friends (Many of whom are in lockdown, other states / countries or both). For better audio I have a surface microphone on our coffee table.

She recently bought a BIG rug for the room. Today she asked if I could cut a discrete hole in the middle of it so we could run the USB cord for the microphone through, under and out of the rug. Brilliant!

One careful cut later (We didn’t even lose any strands) and we have a super neat, almost impossible to trip over USB mic in the lounge. (We can even plug other things into it as needed, or even a USB hub!)





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