8 Bits Good! 16 Bits Gooder! 32 Bits Suspect! 64 Bits Very Suspicious!

Big Boi Mac

TLDR: I have a working Quadra 950 The Long Version: So on December 31, I went and picked up two Quadra 950s, in an unknown state, but one with battery damage. Having taken the first off as a break (Being repeatedly woken by the neighbours, who decided to “party all night” does not help one’sContinue reading “Big Boi Mac”

Rounding Out 2021

What a year! To cap it off nicely I was visiting a fellow collector today. (Hi Greg!) I wanted to drop him off some Commodore 64 stuff for his collection and he had a nice surprise for me! Not one, but two Mac Quadra 950s. Pretty much the “top” 68K Macintoshes available!† Wow! These areContinue reading “Rounding Out 2021”

Go. Go. Go. Gotek!

In my last big order from a ubiquitous Chinese e-commerce site, I ordered FIVE Gotek drives, earmarked for a variety of systems, including my Amiga 1200 (when it gets built), my Amiga 600 and the Atari STᴱ. I had a cunning plan, and one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet recently was that I’veContinue reading “Go. Go. Go. Gotek!”

Three Bee, Three Bee!

For anyone trying to follow along at home, last we saw the Microbee computers, I’d managed to make the cable for the Microbees, and proven the base 32k “Communicator” model was working fine. I’d resurrected the PC85 and upgraded it to an 85b model complete with a bunch of embedded games. Now back to theContinue reading “Three Bee, Three Bee!”


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