The Collection (As of 27/04/2021)

A quick document of what equipment I have, and what status it’s in, as of today. Monitors 2 x SVideo capable flatscreen monitos. Both support Composite, VGA, Component and SVideo. I use these for a lot of my older 8 Bit systems. They’re generic off brand. ACER-V226HQL. These are capable of syncing right down toContinue reading “The Collection (As of 27/04/2021)”

I’ve been working on the Archimedes

So for the last week I’ve mostly been concentrating on something else but I have spent some time on the new Archimedes. It’s an Archimedes 440, one of the original family, but it has some upgrades installed. Most noticable is the CPU has been upgraded to an ARM 3 processor, and the OS ROMs hadContinue reading “I’ve been working on the Archimedes”

If anyone needs an Archimedes 440 Schematic…

Hi All,The schematic I recently downloaded from the StarDot mirror of BBC Docs was split into two pages, which made reading somewhat challenging. I’ve combined the two pages, having deskewed and scaled the two halves to match. EDIT: This is only Page 2 of the Schematic. Looking for Page 1. EDIT 2: Much better onesContinue reading “If anyone needs an Archimedes 440 Schematic…”

What a difference a week makes

So on Monday night (after my last post no less) I was feeling enthusiastic, so I stripped down the Mac and gutted out the PSU. I then removed the switch. Let me tell you that it’s not as easy as I make it sound with such a simple statement. Firstly to get to the switchContinue reading “What a difference a week makes”

You know how I said I wouldn’t be getting any new Computers this year?

About that… Well, I’m the “proud owner” of an Acorn Archimedes 440 in a non working state. Looking forward trying to diagnose THAT one. This was an eBay auction. I didn’t expect to win. Imagine my surprise… I also got two Atari STᴇ computers! Presumed working, but I haven’t had a chance to test them.Continue reading “You know how I said I wouldn’t be getting any new Computers this year?”

Recapping the VIC 20, plus bonus SVideo.

I had a bit of spare time yesterday and I wanted to do something, anything to distract myself from all sorts of “stuff” going on at the moment. I figured I was well overdue to recap my VIC 20. The picture from it was pretty awful, so I was hoping it would fix it. ThankfullyContinue reading “Recapping the VIC 20, plus bonus SVideo.”