Another one lurches to life

I have got the Acorn Electron working! I’m actually quite proud of this one. My diagnostic was that the fourth RAM chip was dead and I was spot on first go. I’d ordered the RAM from China as it’s so hard to source this stuff locally. While waiting for it to arrive, I realised I’dContinue reading “Another one lurches to life”

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

So after the teaser last week, I was really happy when a donor who wishes to remain anonymous (Thank you! You know who you are.) sent me across another system for my collection. This one is a real doozy! This is a Commodore PET model 4032. The evolution of the very first “real” computer producedContinue reading “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

The newest member of my Retro Family

So on Thursday, after receiving a very kind offer, I drove out and collected another system for my collection. It’s another Acorn, which means I now have three different Acorn systems. Meet the Acorn Electron. It was Acorn’s attempt to produce a “price reduced” version of then hugely successful “BBC Micro” family of computers. MuchContinue reading “The newest member of my Retro Family”

Quick Atari 800 paddle build

So I survived running a convention, and wanted to ease back into doing some retro computing stuff. One of the projects that came up as a possibility was a pair of Atari Paddle controllers. I already have paddles for the C64, but they use different variable resistors, and so are incompatible. (As an aside, whileContinue reading “Quick Atari 800 paddle build”