Another Amiga

Yes, you read that right. I just got another computer. Yes I know what I said about peripherals. The TF1260 counts as a peripheral and I hope to be ordering more in the next few days. Meanwhile, I got offered this so how could I say no? Thanks to Stewart Greenhill for his prized Amiga!

A big box Amiga! yay!

This is an Amiga 2000, the first of the “big box” Amiga range. It’s not working and I’ll need to organise a keyboard replacement as this one is lacking that crucial peripheral. The kind gentleman who gave it to me also gave me the 1081 monitor it would have been paired with initially, as well as some key cables, a mouse and some disks.

This unit also includes a Janus PC Bridgeboard, that allows the system to run PC compatible software, albeit, very slowly. It also has an MFM HDD, I’m guessing of around 20MB of capacity. I won’t hold my hopes out for that after 35+ years.

Possibly most worrying is that the original onboard battery is still onboard and the motherboard shows signs of corrosion. I’ll need to strip it, and give it the old 1.2.3. of Vinegar, followed by Distilled water followed by Isopropanol.

The monitor has a bung switch, but that is typical of these monitors, and I already have a replacement switch somewhere I can use to swap it out.

All in all, a nice pickup, although I suspect it’ll be quite the project to get from here to the “insert workbench” screen.

My last question though is “Where the heck am I going to put it?”






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