Achievement Unlocked: 3D Printing

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been accumulating all the “bits and pieces” to finally properly use my 3D printer. Today everything came together and I finally printed my first 3d print!

Printer in action!

It’s a little holder for the rotary encoder and OLED display for a Gotek drive. I often mount them externally on some cable, so that it’s easier to access the buttons. This is particularly useful for things like the Archimedes where the Gotek faces the rear or the Amiga where it connects through the side. No more having to peer around to read the display 🙂

It’s not perfect, but OMG it looks nicer than I expected!

Ignore the gap at the bottom. I have fixed that with a dab of superglue.

What would I do different? Probably some sort of clasp for the front and a bigger, more robust hole for the screws at the back. The Rotary encoder bit wasn’t quite right. Other than that, I’m very happy.

Total print time was 45 minutes for the base and 4 HOURS for the top.

I’ll release the SCAD files once I have made the corrections.





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