A Weekend Off

In my best Swedish Chef Voice – “Ooh Three Dee! THREE DEE!”

I decided not to push things this weekend. I had some “job” related stuff this weekend so I wanted to take it easy.

I still managed to get in some small project work.

First project I worked on was I’m trying to set up a project to use an Arduino as a translator between Megadrive/Genesis controllers and “Atari” compatible systems like the C64, the Amiga and, of course, the Atari systems. I’ve made up some connectors and tried my hand at a first attempt, which unfortunately did not work. Thankfully some clever people on the Artifactory Slack were able to point me to a solution that I can use involving OptoIsolators, so I have some of those on order.

One day this will work. Once I have the basics working, I can add autofire, stepping mode and the like.

Secondly I set up the 3D Printer that I recently received from my wife. It’s an Anycubic Photon Zero, and setup was remarkably easy. I need to set up myself with some “extra” bits and pieces, such as a decent mask and some extra Isopropyl, but I did manage a basic test print. Next week, time and budget willing, I will actually print something emulation related. I’ve designed a little “carrier” to hold a rotary encoder and an OLED screen. Should be pretty sweet if I can get it working.

This is two parts that screw together to keep it simple.

Next I made a modification to the cable I made for the Microbee. It now has an on/off switch, a power LED and some big diodes to drop the voltage down a few notches to keep the main system cooler.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Microbee computers? It’s a LOT!

Finally I went back to my old house and went through the shed. I knew there was an Amiga power brick in there, and figured I could use it with my A600. When I got in there I found a whole bunch of other “bits and pieces” including two SCSI CD Roms, 4 SCS HDDs (1 in SCA, 2 in 68 pin and 1 in 50 pin), two floppy drives, two ZIP disk and some assorted cards that seemed useful. Nice!

No idea if any of these work.

Oh, during the week I also started the long slog of decapping my Amiga 600. Unfortunately I hit a bit of a roadblock insomuch as I don’t seem to be able to remove the caps without hot air. I’ll give it another try next weekend, but I suspect it’ll have to wait for Christmas and a Hot air rework station.

So not too slack, but not my usual load.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone who celebrates.





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