A Small Change

A minor change to the Apple IIgs. I purchased a USB Extension cable, with a USB A plug on one end and a USB A socket on the other, complete with mounting holes.

This allows me to route the Booti USB port to the outside of the IIgs. It takes standard M2.5 screws, aka “Floppy drive” screws. Unfortunately there were no suitably sized holes for the bracket to screw to. They were either too large or too small. In the end I grabbed some left over “Meccano” knockoff left over from a kid’s toy that they’d abandoned unfinished, and used that as a bridge. It fitted perfectly and ended up looking like it was designed to be used that way. Nice!

Finally I moved all my Booti files over to a pre-prepared “low profile” USB drive and installed that in the back of the machine. It’s quite discrete. It is, however, a bit of a “culture shock” to see it poking out of the back of a computer of this vintage.






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